Not all Good Boys wear capes!

In what looks to be security footage from someone's house, there are two dogs that were going for a swim. When one of them is out of the pool, the other is having trouble getting out on his own.

In fact, you can almost see the fear in the hero pups actions as he moves from side to side, desperately looking for something to pull on to get his pal out of the pool.

When he can't find anything to grab onto, he jumps in and nudges his canine buddy until he's able to climb out of the pool.

You see the hero dog go over to make sure he's okay, and then return to the edge of the pool to look around to make sure that there isn't anymore pals in the water!

It's unfortunate that some dogs do end up not being able to get out of swimming pools, usually leading to disastrous results. Thankfully, this hero dog knew what to do.

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