"Phil McCrackin? Next up Mr. Phil McCrackin?"

Henrico School Board Prank

At the latest Henrico County Virginia School Board meeting, someone hilariously hijacked the meeting, turning it into an incredible homage to one of Bart Simpson's most beloved pranks.

Last week at the Henrico County Virginia School Board meeting, things reportedly got a bit heated. According to ladbible.com, the session was about "a whole host of things relating to students' safety and wellbeing."


Henrico Citizen Via Youtube
Henrico Citizen Via Youtube


You've certainly seen the LPSS meetings on Facebook and have noticed just how volatile things can become. When it comes to our children, we certainly aren't shy about standing up and fighting back for things we believe are in their best interest, nor should we be.

After a concerned citizen finished expressing her concerns at the podium, school board member Roscoe D. Cooper III calls for the next person on the list to step up to the podium.

The next person on the list? Phil McCrackin.

That's right. Just like watching a real-life episode of "The Simpsons" Cooper reads off quite a few names on the list that...well it's just funny.

Like Bart Simpson prank calling Moe's, someone added names to the list like Eileen Dover, Wayne Kerr, and more.

Being a public meeting, Cooper was obligated to call out all names on the list to offer them each the opportunity to speak at the podium.


Henrico County Prank
Henrico Citizen Via YouTube


Watch below as Mr. Cooper reads the greatest prank list Bart Simpson never wrote.


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