According to a new report, it appears that coconut oil is NOT healthier for you than beef fat, butter, or even pork lard!

According to USA Today, the Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease advisory contained data that says coconut oil increases the LDL cholesterol levels in 7 of 7 studies. LDL is the "bad" cholesterol.

The advisory goes on to say that, since LDL cholesterol is a cause of cardiovascular disease, the American Heart Association advises AGAINST using coconut oil as a food product.

I know several people who switched to using coconut oil in place of all other oils when cooking, so I am hoping that they see this report. I first heard about using coconut oil about a year ago, so I went to the big bulk store and bought a gallon for my kitchen. I'm no halfway through it yet, but I was using it in everything! I would use it to saute' my vegetables, to cook eggs, and I've even used it to make my roux (and it came out great)! It's back to olive oil for me (except for my roux, I'll be using regular vegetable oil, thank you!).

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