How many moms out there absolutely hate the cereal boxes in your pantry that won’t stay closed? You know, the little tab doesn’t stay inside the little slot. It drives me crazy and this entire time I never knew I was doing it all wrong. I bet you didn’t know you were either.

I came across this video on Facebook of a lady named Denise Sith, who is hilarious by the way, demonstrating how to properly close a cereal box. Between all of the laughs at her facial expressions and comments, I was actually floored.  I watched the video and thought, “how in the world did I not know this?” Apparently, she just found out herself at 50 years old. Maybe this isn’t how it was intended to be closed back in the day when these boxes were invented. If this has always been the proper way to close a cereal box, then how did it take so long for us to figure this out? And if this is some new and improved way to close the box that someone recently discovered, then BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!

Go ahead and freak some other moms out by sharing this video. I bet we are not alone. It makes me wonder what other simple things I don’t know. Hmmm.


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