You've probably heard that hair keeps growing after death, which is not true by the way, so you can imagine how startled Joel Morrison was to see hair growing from the crack of a 100-year-old grave in Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery in Sacramento, Ca.

Morrison posted a video that shows a clump of hair coming out of the crack of a gravestone. At first sight, one might think it's a wig placed there to scare visitors to the cemetery.

In a statement to Jam Press, Morrison claimed he was shocked, it wasn't a stunt, it was actually human hair.

When I first saw it, I was shocked. I wasn't exactly sure what I was seeing was real. But upon closer inspection, I realized that it was definitely human hair coming out of the grave. After coming to terms with what I had seen, I then started to feel bad for the deceased family member and worried about the upkeep of the cemetery, feeling kind of like maybe they were being disrespected or desecrated in some way. -Joel Morrison

"There are many other graves in the cemetery that are being destroyed by squirrels and other animal and overgrown trees damaging the tombs and graves", according to Joel.

In the first TikTok video (@kaitielynnerbeznik) Joel Morrison is horrified at his find. (NOTE: LANGUAGE)

Morrison returns to the gravesite for another look. The grave had not been fixed and the hair appeared to be pushed back under the gravestone.

During the third visit, Morrison tries to make out the name on the tombstone and notes that as his videos start getting worldwide attention, people are now leaving gifts.

Joel Morrison takes part of the hair for testing to find out if it's human or not.

Finally, Joel shows the tree that's growing roots into the grave.

Thousands of people have opinions about the hair coming from the crack in the grave. TikTok user Montana says, "They sell those at Halloween at Walmart". Danille.Rae suggests, "I think this is where they buried Katherine from the Vampire Diaries." Other comments include, "It's a wig", It's a tumble weave", "It's a joke". Many have also noted that 100-year-old hair would have rotted by now.

Morrison is still awaiting the test results.

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