It's surprising to see just how well this extremely old style of fishing still works.

These men in the video have been fishing for 60 and 70 years. They don't use a rod and reel, though. It seems they now use nets, but their most beneficial way is to use cormorant birds.

They must first build a relationship with the birds, earning their trust. After they have its trust, they can take it fishing. They tie a grass knot around the bird's neck, and then send them into the water.

Within one minute of the bird being down under the water, they'll have a fish. If it's too big for them to swallow, the fishermen then take it out of the bird's mouth, and reward it with a smaller fish.

This style of fishing has been going on for at least seven generations within their family. They are worried that they may be the last generation to fish this way, as their sons don't want to learn how to fish in this manner. They have hope that someone will learn and continue on with this fishing tradition.

So, next time T-Boy wants to take you fishing, see if he's got any cormorants to tie up to a grass knot, and send'em on into the water! You might out-fish the others out there, and probably amaze them at the same time!

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