As smart as birds are you'd think with all those generations of evolving since the times of the dinosaurs they would have learned a few things. Namely, stay away from airports and baseball diamonds because that's where a lot of birds meet their untimely deaths.

You're probably all too familiar with what a bird can do to a jet airplane. Just ask Captain Sully and the Miracle on the Hudson crew, they can tell you about birds and airplanes.

You might have also seen this video from a few years back involving Major League Pitcher Randy Johnson and this once in a lifetime toss toward home.

No, he didn't get a strike but he did get a birdie which would have been great if he was playing golf. But alas, he was playing baseball. Much like Alex Iadisernia was doing the other day for Elon University. 

In the video, you can see Iadisernia at-bat for Elon as they are facing now Sunbelt Conference member James Madison. The incident in question happens really quickly and you have to be looking for it. It happens at about:04 seconds into the video.


If you focus your eyes about midway between the top of the light poles and the top of the fence you can see a bird winging its way across the field as the video begins. You then hear the plunk of the ball hitting the bat and as you look now more toward the light pole on the right-hand side you see the bird go down.

As you can tell by the reaction on the field and the murmurs in the crowd nobody was really sure what they just saw. But what happened was the bird was struck by the line drive in mid-air. We're not sure if the bird was injured because it did manage to stay airborne.

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