Jim Francis is planning to run against Rep. Steve Scalise in the 1st Congressional District of Louisiana.

The official qualifying period to run for Congress in Louisiana for the next election is July 18-20. So, Francis isn't quite a candidate yet. However, according to his video, he plans on running against Steve Scalise for the seat in the 1st Congressional District of Louisiana.

What's his stance? You get only a tiny glimpse of his plans in the video above (cyber attacks, and a fight for democracy). What you really come to know about Jim Francis is that he loves rock n roll. So much so that he makes replica guitars of famous rock artists. Some that he mentions are Eddie Van Halen, Jerry Garcia, Eric Clapton, and David Gilmour.

In fact, as you'll see in the video, he's giving you the chance to win the replica David Gilmour guitar.

As evidenced by his website, this is a serious video. There's nothing that says this is a joke. In fact, there's even instructions on how to enter to win the David Gilmour replica guitar built by Francis himself. "Every single scratch and nick was reproduced on this guitar."

The video ends with this little rhyme: "Unless you're comfortably numb, you know what's going on in Congress is plain dumb."

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