Gucci is really taking the whole "distressed" look to the next level with the release of their new Screener leather sneaker.

Oh, and did I mention that it retails for $870? Yes, Gucci wants you to shell out almost $900 for a pair of dirty sneakers.

The Instagram photo above doesn't even do these bad boys justice. Check out the pictures on the Gucci website to get a real feel for the dirty sneaks.

I understand that "distressed" is a look, I mean, I own jeans with holes in them and t-shirts that are made to look vintage, but dirty sneakers are a little much. Just buy normal sneakers and run around outside for a few minutes and they'll look just like you spent $870. Better yet, give me ten bucks and I'll scuff up your shoes for you!

Would you buy a pair of fancy scuffed up sneakers?

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