November 17th, is Great American Smokeout Day.  Now I know most of you who even take the time to read this won't stop smoking just because there is a day set aside once a year to try to get you to stop.  But if one person stops smoking, then it's all worth it.

My mother smoked and my father continues to do so.  I have watched as cigarettes deteriorated both of their lives far too rapidly.  My mother passed away this year due to a severe stroke brought on by years of smoking.  My father is also not in great health.  Over the years, neither of them wanted to ever talk about the risks involved.  My mother would be quick to tell me that I would probably die of stress and since I just couldn't stop my life in it's tracks to ease my stress level, but she wasn't going to hear me preach to her about smoking.

I just want to remind everyone who smokes, that it will affect your health negatively; I'm sure you already know that.  But have you ever stopped to think how your loved ones will be impacted if something should happen to you?  Smoking speeds up the road to death...there is scientific data to prove that.  So if you can, try to feel what those you leave behind will feel if your life ended.  I can tell you from experience, it's hard.  My mother was only 68.  There are so many things I wish I would have said to her and now I will never get the chance, at least not on Earth.  Think about what you're doing to your body, then think about what your absence would do to those you leave behind.

Quitting is not easy, but I bet lying in a hospital bed with your family gathered around to watch you take your last breath isn't a cake walk either.

The American Cancer Society created this day back in 1977.  Hopefully, someday, this special day will no longer be needed.

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