I am headed to Pittsburgh to visit Shannon for a week, and she asked me to bring a little bit of Louisiana for her to share with her coworkers.

Pittsburgh is an incredible melting pot of cultures, from Italian to Polish to Indian and almost everything in between. What they are lacking is most things Cajun.

All of the stores, of course, stock Tobasco sauce, but only a few stock some of the other Cajun staples: jar roux, local seasoning mixes, etc.

Louisiana seasonings Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon
Louisiana seasonings Townsquare Media Photo by John Falcon

For Christmas, Shannon asked me to go to Nunu's and pick up some of my favorite local items, as she wanted to share with her Pittsburgh coworkers. I gave her a list of available items, and she chose the Nunu's Seasoning and Louisiana Brand Cobbler Mix. She then asked me to order enough for her gift baskets - 70 of each item!!

So I get to carry 2 huge bags to the airport this weekend (one weighs 42.3 lbs, the other weighs 39.6!) for Shannon to put into gift baskets. Wish me luck that my back can handle it!

Do you have friends/family living outside of Louisiana? Stop by a local store and pick up a few things that will remind them of Acadiana - seasonings, decor for the kitchen, sauce mixes, etc. They will probably welcome the departure from their normal fare!

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