I stumbled across a video of a German couple who got their RV stuck in the sand at Holly Beach, and a Jeeper came to their rescue!

The title of their video, "Mit dem Wohnmobil festgefahren", when literally translated into English, means "Bound with the Camper". Or, as we say in America, "Stuck".

Watching him attempt to dig their camper out had me hopeful: he had a great idea to use the leveling blocks as a "runway" to get him moving, but the mistake he made was to turn his front wheels before he had enough momentum.

When stuck in the sand or mud, your front wheels should always stay as straight as possible until you have enough speed to make a turn. How do you know if you have enough speed to make a turn without getting bogged down again? Well, if you get bogged down again, you didn't have enough speed!

This uniformed Jeeper came to the rescue, though. Judging by the way the Jeep was digging into the sand, I think that there might have been a language barrier preventing the RV driver from understanding the process: he was supposed to be on the gas when the Jeep started pulling!

I noticed that the couple's next video on Youtube was of them at Galveston, so I am guessing that they made it out ok!

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