Garth Brooks, who recently appeared in the Lafayette Cajundome for 5 sold out performances, promised a couple in Los Angeles an amazing gift.  There's only one condition.

Attending a Garth Brooks show is almost like buying a lottery ticket, you never know what he's going to giveaway to the audience.  His guitar, a special serenade, a honeymoon in Hawaii, his hat, you just never know what act of kindness he'll hand out.  The other night in Los Angeles, he did it again!

There was a couple in the audience who asked Brooks to open an envelope that contained the gender of there unborn child.  Garth asked the couple to go up to the stage as he made the big reveal.  But before he made the announcement to the entire audience, he asked the couple what would they name the baby.  They said, Brooks, either way.  Turns out, the couple will have a girl and will indeed name her Brooks!  The audience went crazy as Garth announced how he has 3 girls himself.

What a treat for the couple, right?  Now it's time for them to go back to their seats and enjoy the rest of the show, right?  Not so fast.  Check out what Garth does next.










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