If you have lived in Lafayette for any amount of time, you have probably run into Bobby.

Whether it was at Graham Central Station, Scandal's, a UL game, or at the chapel at UL, you've probably run into Bobby.

Well, over the weekend, Bobby's friends, and some people he didn't even know, came together to help spruce up his house.

Bill Higginbotham, a local chiropractor, and an all-around good fellow, posted a few photos on his Facebook page, along with this caption: "WHY CAN'T MEDIA REPORT ON THESE THINGS, THAT GO ON DAILY?????" Well, Bill, it's because sometimes we don't hear about these things, so I am very glad you brought it to our attention!

You see, Bobby, being a man with a disability, has had a few more obstacles in his life than most, so it's not that easy for him to be a Mr. Handyman around the house. His friends recognized this, so they stepped in to make it happen.

According to Bill's post, Bobby's house was in "disarray": it needed a roof, it needed a paint job, it needed a porch, it had mold, there were rotten boards - the list goes on.

Bill Higginbotham via Facebook
Bill Higginbotham via Facebook


From what I understand, Bobby is a fixture at Our Lady of Wisdom Chapel on UL's campus (really, you've NEVER met Bobby? I find that hard to believe!). When someone noticed that he was in need, this is what happened:

25 guys showed up Saturday morning and the Hustle started.. Folks just showed up offering, roof work, windows, ac work etc etc!!! - Bill Higginbotham, Facebook

It took a few days, but I understand that the work went on through the weekend and into Monday, with more people showing up to lend a hand.


After the work was done, someone snapped a picture of Bobby sitting on his new front porch:

Today (Tuesday) Bobby showed up to a new ,safe clean beautiful new place.. Bill Higginbotham, Facebook

If you know Bobby (NEVER?? You've NEVER met him??), you'll instantly recognize the look of joy on his face in that pic of him on the porch.

Bill Higginbotham via Facebook
Bill Higginbotham via Facebook


I'm not certain of who organized the project, I only know of who was mentioned in the post:

Hoping many of you can show up on the next project. John Koury and "Catholic services" is how to participate in these amazing projects!!!!!!!!  Bill Higginbotham, Facebook

I don't know a "John Koury", but I have heard of services named "Catholic Services". If John Koury is, in fact, the person responsible for making this happen for Bobby, I'd like to buy that man a beer.

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