Reports are out regarding a 2013 investigation into the former LSU head football coach, Les Miles, and the allegations of his involvement with female students. The allegations that led to the investigation included taking female students to his condo alone and saying that female student workers needed to be "attractive, blonde and fit", per reports.

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According to the above report, USA Today found that the 2013 investigation done by a law-firm determined that while there was no evidence of any sexual relationship with female students, but did deem the coach's behavior as inappropriate.

The report also details allegations by athletic department staff that Miles said any females involved in the recruiting process needed to be, "attractive, blonde and fit". Miles recommendations for those student employees that did not meet the criteria was that they should have hours cut or fired completely, per the above report.

A statement issued by Miles denied kissing any student and also noted that he didn't do anything wrong, as he was mentoring young students at LSU. The University sent Miles a letter to reprimand him during this time to ensure he understood the policies in place at LSU, as the report reads.

Per the report, his employer also ordered that he not hire any female students to babysit his children and to not be alone with them. Miles was also ordered to attend counseling sessions with an attorney present; eight in total that he had to foot the bill for.

Miles recently asked a judge to release the full report in order for the full story to be out and deter any, "unfair and speculative reporting", as the report says. Initially, Miles wanted to keep this report under wraps.

In addition, Louisiana State University will soon be releasing another report that will detail how they have dealt with complaints of sexual misconduct and domestic violence that have come up on campus in the past.

The original report also detailed how Miles had entered into a settlement with a student who he accursedly harassed around the same time that this investigation was happening. A lawsuit was made by USA Today at the beginning of 2021 after LSU would not turn over a copy of the investigation as a part of a request for public records, as The Advocate adds. Miles' attorneys got involved in the case soon after USA Today filed suit.

With more details to come out soon and Les Miles hoping to clear the air, we can only wait to see what the full report has to say.

The initial full report from USA Today can be found HERE.

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