It's 2021 and everything is different, including the way to straining pasta using a colander. The new way is genius, why didn't we think of this sooner?

First of all, foodies around the globe will be the first to tell you to never rinse pasta. You may have been taught to rinse cooked pasta once in the colander to keep it from continuing to cook or to make it not so sticky. Fact is, you should never rinse pasta. The starch in the water helps sauces actually stick to the pasta. You should only rinse pasta when using it in a cold dish.

Now, let's get down to the actual straining of pasta. You've more than likely always strained pasta like everyone else. You put the colander in the sink, pour your pasta in, run cold water and shake it a little bit to help remove the water. WRONG!

When Leanne, wife, mom and registered nurse, from home.with.leanne was home sick one day she decided to make noodles. When she went to strain the noodles, she tried a trick she'd heard about years ago. Leanne says we've been straining pasta all wrong.

Using the new way to strain pasta, your cooked pasta will never leave the pot you used to cook in. It's easy to use this method especially for smaller servings of pasta. 2021 has brought lots of change in the way we live. The way we cook and strain pasta is one of those changes.

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