Love it or hate it, you have to admit, it sure is a great way to slice a frozen pizza without ever using a knife. As a matter of fact, you don't even take it out of the package, The internet has mixed feelings about it.

The hack is that you don't ever have to slice a frozen pizza. All you do is take your frozen pizza (still wrapped in plastic), put it on the edge of the counter with half of the pizza hanging off, hit the outer edge that's hanging off the counter with your hand and your frozen pizza will be automatically sliced in half. Rotate it a quarter of the way around, hit the edge that's hanging off again, cook it and the pizza will come out of the oven perfectly sliced

Most people can't wait to run out and buy a frozen pizza just so they can try it, calling it "genius". However, others are skeptical; they believe if you use this knifeless method to slice your pizza unless it's baked on a pan, the cheese will leak.


Americans spend approximately $4.4 billion a year on frozen pizza. According to, 2 out of every 3 households eat frozen pizza on a regular basis.

Americans love pizza to the tune of about 3 billion each year. (23 pounds annually per person.)

Thin crust is the most popular pizza crust in the U.S. 36% choose pepperoni as their number one topping, followed by sausage.

Frozen pizza lasts up to two months in the freezer. After the two-month mark, the pizza will most likely still be okay to eat, however, the quality may suffer.


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