I've never owned a truck, but if I did, it would probably be a Ford or a Chevy.  And ladies and gentlemen, is one of the biggest debates in the U.S.  Ford or Chevy?

My dad always owned trucks.  His choice was Ford.  But we knew many other farmers in the area who owned Chevy's and swore up and down that Chevy made a better truck.

As a kid, I'd listen to some of the debates on the back porch about the differences between a Ford and a Chevrolet truck.  One of my Dad's friends would say, "A Chevy will rust out on ya." then another would say, "Well a Ford will leave you stranded."

I think the Ford/Chevy debate still rages on today.  So, let's just say you're old friend CJ was buying a truck tomorrow, would you suggest Ford or Chevy?

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