If you're planning on a crawfish boil this year, you might want to have one of these handy. Last week my wife and I were visiting Home Depot and saw these in the front of the store. Unfortunately for us, we didn't pick up on this deal at the time. Now, we can't get one anywhere in the state. It's pretty much perfect for your next crawfish boil, and can adjust leg length to accommodate sitting or standing boils. As always, the handy center hole for shells and used paper towels is there. The price is pretty awesome at about $60 (meaning you should probably get two). Finally, it's about as portable as it gets with the ability to fold in half and the convenient handle to carry to and from any party you may be attending.

If you can't wait for inventory to be restocked, there is another option, but it costs a little more. Academy is selling their own version of the folding crawfish boil table, but it costs a little bit more ($99). Either way you go, this table will make your next crawfish boil that much more convenient.

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