Every business, trade or whatever has "insider secrets." Men's Health gleaned some trade secrets from 2 flight attendants, on the condition of anonymity.

#1 Those masks are for real. In the event of a decompression, you've got about 30 seconds before you're incapacitated.

#2 The phone thing. Your phone won't interfere with any of the plane's systems. That being said, if a crew member says turn it off, Do it. Failure to comply could have legal ramifications.

#3 If you're on a long flight & folks are drinking, tipping is a VERY good idea. Offer when you order your first drink. He or she is required to refuse...once. Remember the acronym. T(o) I(insure) P(prompt) S(service).

#7 Don't join the "Mile High Club" in the lavatory! It's gross, and you WILL get busted. The flight crew can, and will unlock the can from outside. Click here for more.

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