A story about a family in New Jersey recently surfaced and their story went viral after they revealed that for fun they flip cakes over at parties.

Yes, no cake is safe at this family's gathering. They have made cake flipping a sport at their gatherings and the objective is to catch the cake upright and not drop or smash against your body.

After doing some extensive research, not really, I found that others have decided to take part in this fun too.

It appears that many have picked up the cake at parties and started flipping it around like it is a toy. Some can execute the flip and catch to perfection, but others still have some work to do.

So, check out the video below and the next time you're at a birthday party, give this a try and see what others in attendance have to say.

Good Luck!


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If you'd like more cake flipping for your entertainment, enjoy this video too. Again, some of these folks need a bit more practice. 

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