According to reports, Festival International has announced plans for its 2021 festival that will include a "Virtual Fest" element similar to that of the 2020 festival. This yea's experience will also combine "live / immersive experiences" for the Downtown Lafayette area.

Check out the report from KATC's @jimhummel on Twitter below.

The details from our media partner KATC-TV3 come with initial dates related to Festival International 2021. According to Jim Hummel, who you can find on Twitter HERE, the month of April will encompass a month of Festival eats which they are calling "FEASTival International". The end of April will include a virtual/immersive festival as well as a live portion of the festival that adds in a virtual 5k run, according to Hummel.

The idea from Festival International is that they will take the 2020 virtual festival that happened earlier in the year and add to it a live and immersive experience for people to enjoy in Downtown Lafayette.

Of course, the idea was going around town that Festival International could possibly move to the Youngsville area for future events due to budget cuts. This does not seem to be an option anymore, as more details emerge for a 2021 Festival International that looks more like the ones we know and love.

Not having Festival International in Downtown Lafayette in 2020 was one of the hardest pills to swallow throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But, I am looking forward to what the team over at Festival International pull out this year as so many music lovers are anxious to get back to Jefferson Street for some dancing and singing.

You can check out the full report from our media partners @KATCTV3 below.

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