FedEx says that some of the men involved in an apparent fight that is widely circulating on social media are "no longer providing services for the company."

The video was posted to Twitter by @lilkevinraw as he rolled up on a scuffle that already seemed to be in progress. At least four men were involved and based on the visual that was posted, it was a three-on-one brawl.

At least one of the workers was still in his FedEx uniform as he pummeled another one of the men with strikes to the head area.

According to WAFB, the fight took place near a shopping center on Siegen Lane, a very popular roadway in Baton Rouge, LA and another video showed at least two men driving FedEx-branded trucks while wearing their company uniforms.

FedEx released a statement acknowledging the viral video and announcing that the individuals involved are no longer providing services as contract employees.

We are appalled by the behavior shown in this video, which is unacceptable and inconsistent with the professionalism service provider personnel demonstrate every day. We can confirm that the individuals involved in this incident are not FedEx Ground employees, and that they are no longer providing service.

The individuals involved in the brawl work for a third-party service provider to FedEx according to a report from WAFB and it's still not clear what started the fight.

Baton Rouge Police were unable to confirm if the fight had been reported to local law enforcement.

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