Have you heard of this place?

My wife recently informed me of the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, La. and now I can't wait to visit the grounds with the kids.

Located just north of Baton Rouge, and not very far from New Orleans, the Global Wildlife Center allows you and the family to come really close to some wild animals.

The tours, some of which are private, will actually take you through the sanctuary and allow you to feed animals from a vehicle or train.

Animals like giraffes, cows, deers, zebras, camels, and many more await you because they know what you have in your possession---food!

This experience looks amazing and if you have a kid or kids that love animals, this place may need to be added to your list of places to visit this summer.

We are always looking for something new to do with the kids, and the Global Wildlife Center seems fun and it is most certainly different.

I wanted to share this with you as you may be looking for one more getaway before school starts, and the drive isn't bad from anywhere in Acadiana.

Here are just a few photos from the sanctuary in Folsom. You can see more by visiting their Facebook page.

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