Some in Rapides Parish believe that a huge cat is on the loose and now many are keeping an eye out for this predator.

WGNO reports that an eyewitness heard what he described as a "baby crying" while out camping, and soon after the eyewitness says that is when he saw a large black cat.

The man who spoke to the news station says that the animal he saw was about the size of an animal you'd see in a zoo. He kept his cool and the elusive animal went on its way.

While many near Alexandria, La. have reported large cat sightings for years, some think that the cat this camper may have seen was a cougar.

In a photo, you can see a track in the mud and it does appear to come from a large animal, but is it a black panther? For many years, those who study wildlife in the state have said that there aren't black panthers here, but you have to almost question if some have migrated further southward while following waterways.


After this latest report of a large cat in the area, specifically on the banks of Lower 3rd Street, many are now taking precautionary measures while outdoors. Some have also been vigilant when letting their pets outdoors.

We will continue to follow this very interesting story out of Rapides Parish and if there are any new developments in this potential sighting we will share them here.


On a personal note here, I have spoken to individuals from central Louisiana, and they too report hearing strange sounds while out enjoying the outdoors there. Some say they've heard what sounded "like a baby" in the woods and that the sound is enough to make you not want to return.

We know that there's plenty of other wildlife out there as a food source, so to doubt the existence of large cats in this part of the state may be a bit misleading to the theory of panthers or cougars out there.

Still, until we see one for ourselves, the mystery remains for all of us in Louisiana.

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