I didn't take this photo or download it and yet there it is in my photos...

I don't usually take a lot of pics with my phone, but I was this weekend while visiting New Orleans. I recognized the pics in my camera roll from earlier in the day or the weekend, but then found this one...

Chris Meaux, Townsquare Media

This freaked me out because we hadn't visited a Marshall's outlet store and don't know anyone in the photo. I decided to run a reverse image search and this is what I found:

Chris Meaux, Townsquare Media

At first, I thought maybe I'd downloaded the pic accidentally from our site...except that I hadn't visited our site's front page on my phone in days. The only site I'd visited that came up in the search was Zimbio, and I'd only read a story there about Captain Marvel movie reviews that was linked in a Google search.

I don't let anyone else use my phone, so I know it wasn't my wife or daughters. I'm certain I didn't read the Marshall's story on Zimbio, so did the site somehow download the pic? Is it some kind of smartphone virus? Did I 'sleep save' the pic? It looks like I'll never know.

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