One of the most moving events I have ever taken part in was the Louisiana Honor Air program, flying WWII veterans to DC to see the memorial built in their honor.

So it was with a heavy heart that I read Thomas (TD) Smith's status update on the Louisiana Honor Air Facebook page today:

I am so sad to report the passing of our President Earl Flatt. Earl was the inspiration for the Honor Air program. From the beginning he was tireless in our pursuit of giving every WW2 veteran the opportunity to make the trip to Washington. In the beginning when fundraising was so important, there was nothing he wouldn't do to help us raise the funds needed.
My favorite was when we set up a booth near the entrance to the food court at the mall. Earl stayed all day and insisted on opening the door for every woman who approached the mall. After about 500 trips to open the door he was worn out, and I insisted he stay seated, but he just couldn't do it. He told me that was the way he was raised.
Never once in all the years we did the flights did he ever say no to any request that was made of him. Truly one of the most remarkable people that I ever had the good fortune to meet, and we're going to miss him. Please keep Darlene in your prayers and thoughts. The Marine Corp lost one of their best today.. God bless you Earl Flatt


Semper Fi, Mr. Earl.

Earl Flatt, Marine Corps Memorial (Facebook)
Earl Flatt, Marine Corps Memorial (Facebook)

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