If you are a fan of the CBS daytime drama 'The Young and the Restless', then you no doubt know who Eric Braeden is. He has played Victor Newman on the soap opera for decades, and is a much beloved cast member. But he has just revealed a secret about his past: hHis father was a Nazi. Wow. Even all these years later, that is a brave thing to reveal about a family member.

In his upcoming memoir 'I'll Be Damned', Braeden, who is from Kiel, Germany, states that his father was mayor of his town, and also a member of the Nazi party. He is also quick to say that he did not participate in any of the horrors most associated with Nazi's. But, like a lot of other German professionals of that era, he was still a member of the party.

Eric Braeden has formed the German-American Cultural Society, which seeks to better portray Germans in the media.

Other surprises that came from the book:

  • Braeden once worked cutting up cadaversww
  • Marlon Brandon told him to quit acting
  • Braeden wanted to quit  Y & R after his first 3 month contract was up
  • He got into many verbal altercations with one of his co stars, who was later fired

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