We love this.

Dustin Poirier and his wife Jolie fulfilled a dying boy's dream in Lafayette. Aaron Hill, who attended Prairie Elementary in Lafayette, died at the age of 7-years-old.

Aaron spent the latter part of his life in a wheelchair due to his condition and his dream was for there to be a playground for kids who are confined to a wheelchair. Yes, his dream was centered around the well-being of other kids.

Sadly, Aaron never saw his dream come true. Then, here comes the Poirer's. After they heard about this dream, Dustin and Jolie sprung into action.

Using gear once worn in the octagon, the Poirer's raised money and paid for a playground to be erected at the Lafayette elementary school. Aaron's dream had come true.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have. Thanks, Dustin and Jolie. There's no doubt Aaron is looking down on this dream each and every day.

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