I had the pleasure of volunteering at the FRC Bayou Regional in New Orleans in March of this year, working with our Lafayette teams, The Krewe de Reauxbotics from the David Thibodaux STEM Academy, Ramageddon from Acadiana High School and Team Phenomena, based at Comeaux. These young men and women are talented, hard - working, and conscientious and, while only still in high school, are engineering, robotics, and programming innovators who have bright and successful futures ahead of them. Click here to see what volunteers do and just how much fun I had as a volunteer.

I will again be volunteering in a robotics competition, this time the DOW Red Stick Rumble at Woodlawn High School in Baton Rouge on September 12.

The DOW Red Stick Rumble is a FIRST Robotics Competition and general robotics festival. The first of its kind being offered in Louisiana, the Rumble offers FIRST Robotics teams from around the country an opportunity to experience our rich Louisiana culture while participating in an intense rematch of the previous season’s game.

The DOW Red Stick Rumble also provides FIRST Robotics Teams a high-quality, off-season competitive event that will enable teams to hone their skills, recruit new blood, and network with friends old and new. The Red Stick Rumble also demonstrates the benefits of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics our community receives from robotics programs. Check out the video for a look at an amazing robot from last year's Rumble, featuring the leg lamp from the cult movie classic 'A Christmas Story!'

FIRST (which stands for 'For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology') teams compete in a spirit of "gracious professionalism." This means that the young men and women share tools, supplies and expertise openly with their competitors in order to help every team perform their best.

If you want to start or join a team, or just want to find out more, click the button below. For more information about the DOW Red Stick Rumble, click here to visit the event's website and here to visit its Facebook page.

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