The Tennessee Department of Transportation has stepped up its Public Service Announcement game with a recent highway sign.

Posted to the Tennessee Highway Patrol's Facebook page, the image shown quotes one of the best (in my opinion) Christmas movies ever: Christmas Vacation.

The sign takes its inspiration from the scene in which Clark Griswald's cousin Eddie famously stood on the curb in front of the Griswald estate with a spewing sewer pipe in one hand and a beer and cigar in the other, wearing nothing more than a robe and a mad bomber hat, announcing to the too-tightly-wound neighbor "Merry Christmas! Sh*tter was full!"

The sign is funny, and we are hoping that it helps. I'll admit that I have been guilty of reaching for my phone while I am on the road, but have now become quite proficient at using Siri/handsfree while driving.

It is NEVER a good time to get in a crash because of a distraction: having it happen during the holidays only makes it worse for your loved ones.


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