There are certain things you should never order in a restaurant. The Business Insider interviewed several chefs. Here are their recommendations and the reasons why.

#1 well done steak. Chefs teak offense to this. You will receive an inferior cut of meat to what's listed on the menu. It's unrecognizable, anyway. There's an exception. If you have a health issue, explain that to your server, being pregnant, for instance.

#2 Mussels. They can be very dangerous if not handled meticulously. The late Anthony Bourdain said he'd only order mussels if he knew the chef personally.

#3 "Gourmet" burger. The term is almost oxymoronic. Burgers are made of cheap cuts of meat, ground up. Adding fancy toppings doesn't turn it into filet mignon. You're wasting your money.

#4 The seafood special. They're most likely cleaning out leftovers. That goes double on Monday. Most restaurants receive their fish & seafood on Thursdays.

"Specials are tricky in restaurants. It could be the most fresh and delicious special, but in some restaurants, specials are the way to clean up the fridge."             - Silvia Barban, executive chef at Aita and LaRina

I'm not a big fan of dining out in the first place, having worked in several restaurants when I was young.

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