Slap Bracelets are back in the news. What is this 1989? Is Taylor Swift about to be born? Nope, we haven't traveled back in time but we do have a timely word to the wise when it comes to Cat and Jack Slap Bracelets.

The furry toy/fashion accessory for the pre-teen and teenage set has been recalled by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The concern is that the bracelets' soft outer covering can be pierced by the metal foundation of the bracelet underneath. Once the metal is exposed there is a potential laceration hazard for the user.

About 22,500 of the bracelets, sold exclusively at Target stores and online through Target's website are included in this recall. Fantasia Accessories, the company that imports the bracelets from a manufacturer in China has reported at least four instances of users being injured by the product.

The recall affects only the Panda Bear, Unicorn, and Heart designs of the product. Consumers should contact Target at the point of purchase to be advised of refund options.

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