As the weather starts to cool off in Acadiana, Cajuns will start to slow down when temperatures keep us indoors.  With not much to do, we'll get to cooking gumbos and other comfort foods.  So what can we do to burn a few extra calories?

All of these chores will burn at least 100 calories:



Walking slowly for 25 minutes, which you can even indoors or on a treadmill will burn 100 calories.

Believe it or not, after changing the sheets on your bed a few times for a total of 50 minutes will burn 100 calories.

Ironing for 45 minutes will burn at least 100 calories.

Cooking that gumbo will burn calories.  36 minutes of cooking will burn at least 100.  House cleaning, picking up things for about a half hour will do the same.  Vacuuming for just under 30 minutes will also burn 100 calories.

On the days that are warm enough to go outside, gardening for just 20 minutes will burn those nasty calories and mowing the yard wins for burning the most.  30 minutes behind a push mower will burn over 200 calories.

Don't let winter and holiday foods force you to gain weight, when burning calories is as easy as changing your bedding!