How desperate does your situation have to be to consider a move to one of Louisiana finest prisons a gigantic blessing?  If you were being held in captivity, and were slated to killed and eaten - it would be a huge upgrade.

Ten dogs destined for the dinner table in South Korea are safe and sound inside the Dixon Correctional Institute in Jackson, Louisiana.  The dogs were rescued from a breeding program that exists exclusively to raise them for food.  The Bayou State prison operates an animal shelter, and has been housing homeless hounds since they opened to help doggies displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

The project started as a temporary shelter, but has since turned into a permanent operation that gives animals a roof over their head and gives some inmates a job with a future on the other side of the prison walls.  WAFB reports that inmate Joshua Fleetwood takes care of the pooches at the prison and hopes to use skills he is learning on the inside to become a veterinary technician after he is done paying his debt to society.  According to Fleetwood, the pups arrived safe and sound after being routed from Korea to Canada to a Delaware shelter before arriving in Jackson.  The "Pen Pals" program and the Humane Society are responsible for arranging the transfer.


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