Did you know that there are bomb shelters around the city of New Orleans, Louisiana?

In 1950 the Louisiana State Legislature created the Civil Defense Agency and ordered cities to prepare for bombings or natural disasters.

Therefore, many major cities around the state constructed underground shelters for local officials.

One shelter, which you'll see here, is in New Orleans, and at first you may think this is just a mound, but it was an area that could house officials in the event of a bombing or natural disaster.


These shelters were equipped so that officials could remain in them for a lengthy period if need be. One very important part of the construction was an exhaust vent(s), which protruded from the bunker.

What is not mentioned in the video below is that many civilians in Louisiana also had bunkers put in their yards during the Cold War. I've seen one in a small town in Acadiana, and it looked terrifying.

Let's take a look at one of the three underground bunkers in New Orleans, and ask yourself, would you enter this one today?

Here's another look from the outside of the bunker in New Orleans..


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