Julie and Jimmy Johnson are no strangers to dogs, as they have three of their own. However, when an unknown pup was found in their bed one morning, things got...weird.


Julie Thornton Johnson via Facebook
Julie Thornton Johnson via Facebook


Julie explained to NPR"You could see light coming into our curtains in our bedroom and I feel my husband not just roll over, but kind of startled, like almost a jump roll over and it woke me up. And in a quiet but stern voice, he said, 'Julie, whose dog is this?'"

Julie was confused as she was sure it was either Hollis, Jupiter or Zeppelin, THEIR dogs. Then rolled over and discovered that it was indeed NOT Hollis, Jupiter or Zeppelin, but an unknown dog.

In a Facebook post that went viral, Julie explained that in the middle of the night, in pitch darkness, they assumed it was one of their dogs, who often sleep in bed with them. Their dogs don't usually lay on their pillows though, but why would you assume otherwise, right?

As daylight began creeping in, they noticed that the dog they were cuddling with, wasn't theirs! Also, they had no idea how the dog got into their house.


After they realized that the dog was obviously cared for, Julie started having a little photoshoot to commemorate the bizarre, yet funny incident. Some of those photos are from the initial viral Facebook post above.

It didn't take long before she received a message from a person claiming to be the dog's owner. It turned out that the previous day the dog, whose name is Nala, had slipped out of her collar while on a walk. She ran into the woods, and there just so happened to be large thunderstorms coming into the area. After a quick photo verification, one of Nala's moms was on the way to get her.

Cris Hawkins, one of Nala's owners, wrote on Facebook, "Our overly friendly pup, Nala, has hit an all time record for ignoring personal space and added yet another trick to her long list of Houdini acts. Shame [on] Nala for somehow breaking into a strangers house and invading their personal space. Thankfully, the couple thought it was hilarious and they aren't even mad about it."


Julie Thornton Johnson via Facebook
Julie Thornton Johnson via Facebook. Nala is on the left.


The ending is a sweet one, as Julie and Jimmy had zero hard feelings, and have even had a playdate with all four dogs.


The only mystery that still remains is how Nala found her way into the Johnson residence without alerting the other three dogs. Julie says the working theory is that a door was left open or not closed entirely, and then Nala, who is terrified of thunder, saw the porch light and found her way inside during the storm.

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