It's time to set the record straight about cracking your knuckles, that apple-a-day thing, and more.

This is the time of year when we hear spooky stories. As we gather around, some people are more scared than others because they believe those tales are real. In a similar way, we've all been sitting around the campfire listening to these wives' tales about our health.

OnePoll recently did a survey of over 2,000 people for Probiogen which revealed that 51 percent of Americans still believe many of these stories. The New York Post did an interview with an Orthopaedic surgeon to debunk some of these myths. As it turns out, most of the things we believe are not true, according to Dr. Anthony Kouri.

Here are some common wives' tales that are untrue and the percentage of people who still believe in them...

Myth: cracking your knuckles causes arthritis - 42 percent
Myth: an apple a day keeps the doctor away - 49 percent
Myth: it takes seven years to digest swallowed gum - 39 percent
Myth: chocolate causes acne - 41 percent

Looks like I'll be trading in my apples for chocolate!

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