Did you know that Louisiana has a Super Hereaux? Yep, back in the day, we used to have our very own Superman, except he was a crustacean in a cape called ‘Crawfish Man’. Tim Elder, author and illustrator, created the Cajun comic book hero for the children in Louisiana. He was inspired by the swamps and bayous in our very unique state.

The comic book series gave a glimpse of Louisiana through swamps, Cajun French, gators, our culture, and of course, crawfish. According to LA Times, Elder published about 100,000 copies of his comic books. The tales of Louisiana's "Caped Crustacean" have been published for going on over a quarter century now. Just like Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, Tim Elder has rarely been seen by the public.

I thought it would be fun to throw it back this Thursday and take a look at this gem of a video. It's a 1986 local news package about the author of the "Crawfish Man" book series.

I feel like I missed out on all the Crawfish Man fun, as this is the first time I hear about him. I bet there are many of you who new and LOVED Crawfish Man, complete with his Cajun accent, cape, and mystery. A man that becomes a superhero with powers beyond the furtherest reaches of your imagination! He is mild mannered Mr Bonin, the fisherman who reaches for Spanish Moss and says "Spanish Moss in my hands, Turn me into Crawfish Man".

In my best Crawfish Man voice, “Mais, we mus’ all join togetha for duh children of Cajunland”.

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