The organizers of Eight Days of Hope, a non-profit, faith-based organization that travels around the country helping to rebuild homes that were damaged by natural disaster, have arrived in Lafayette to continue rebuilding efforts.

The Eight Days of Hope program begins on June 4 and will end on June 11, in efforts of helping rebuild the homes damaged during the flood of August 2016. Over 2,200 volunteers from 40 states and several countries will be arriving on Saturday to help with the reconstruction. Eight Days of Hope President Stephen Tybor III said that he is excited to be in Lafayette.

We are be serving the flood victims. Volunteers are pouring in from all over the country! We are so grateful for our partner Love Acadiana, as well as local churches. We are ecstatic that so many local residents have volunteered." - Stephen Tybor III

During their eight-day program, the organization plans to serve over 200 homeowners and help complete several community projects, including working on several churches.

The volunteer orientation will take place on Sunday morning after 8am; volunteers will be leaving for job sites following the orientation.

Since 2005, over 22,000 Eight Days of Hope volunteers have helped to rebuild, remodel or refurbish 2,000 homes in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Iowa, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina on twelve different relief trips. To date, more than $28 million of work has been completed by Eight Days of Hope.

Except for two staff members, Eight Days of Hope is an all-volunteer organization. They serve all people regardless of race, gender, religion or ethnicity. Please visit the Eight Days of Hope website for more information, to provide financial support, or to volunteer for the upcoming event.

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