St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Deputies are investigating an apparent alligator attack where a 71-year-old man is presumed to be dead.

In a series of events that sounds like something out of a nightmare, the apparent attack took place around midday Monday (August 30) after Hurricane Ida swept through the area.

The story was first reported by WWL-TV's Erika Ferrando.

According to a release from STPSO, the incident took place in the Avery Estates neighborhood off Highway 90 in Slidell. A resident called deputies after her 71-year-old husband "was attacked and apparently killed by an alligator while walking in floodwaters following Hurricane Ida."

The wife told authorities she heard a commotion outside of the house and when she went to see what was happening, she saw a large alligator attacking her husband. She hurried to help her husband, and once the attack stopped, she told deputies that she was able to pull her husband out of the floodwaters while she went inside to gather supplies.

Upon her return, she realized the injuries were far too severe, so she got into her pirogue and sought higher ground. Help was at least a mile away, and when she came back to the site where she left her husband, he was no longer lying on the steps.

STPSO says they've used their resources to try and locate the man, but have been unsuccessful. The incident is currently under investigation, but the 71-year-old man is presumed dead after the apparent attack.

Sheriff Randy Smith says this tragic event is another reminder to be "extra vigilant" when walking through flooded areas as many animals and wildlife are often displaced by floodwaters due to storm surge.

We will update this story when and if more information becomes available. As of now, STPSO has not officially pronounced the man dead and he is technically still considered to be missing.

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