The August Flood of 2016 is one for the record books and not one that will be far from our minds soon.

It's been 5 years now since the flood, and I just came across some images of what people were going through then and, hopefully, will not have to go through again any time soon.

Here is what it looked like from the traffic circle at Hwy 339 (Verot) and the Milton Highway (Hwy 92).



Dinah Walker Toups, a Denham Springs native and now a resident of Minnesota, posted this heartbreaking photo from the Flood of 2016:

Facebook/Dinah Walker Toups



Facebook/Dinah Walker Toups 2

Since this post went public, Dinah reached out to me to let me know that, as I had assumed, the piano is damaged beyond repair.

A local bar in Milton had posted this photo of their establishment that didn't look good at all.


Poppa's On Dat River has since been closed.

Route 92, located on the same highway just a few miles east of Poppa's, experienced flooding as well.



Here is some aerial footage of the flood taken near the intersection of Highway 90 at Highway 92.

This picture was taken on South College, near its intersection with West Bayou Parkway.

Facebook via Blue Rolfes

Lisa Azizi sent us a before/after photo of her home from the 2016 flood:

Lisa Azizi via Facebook

One of the ugly truths that any flood makes obvious is that we have a HUGE problem with litter in our area. This photo from New Iberia shows how much rubbish floats up when we get inundated with floodwaters.


Chris Blanchard shared his video of flooding that occurred off of Pinhook Road near the Vermilion River.

Even our transmitter site in Parks, south of Breaux Bridge, was flooded. What is usually open fields became a lake in the flood of 2016.

There's more video from Chris Blanchard from the flood - this one is from the Highlands Apartments on Kaliste Saloom.

Another one from Blanchard is of a box van that was seen near the corner of Kaliste Saloom and Eloi Broussard Road.

Lashell Wright recorded footage of the damage that was caused by the flooding and heavy rains to a local cemetery.

There are still people who have not recovered from the flood of 2016 and, sadly, some never will. There are many people who believe that if we don't stop laying down concrete, the flooding will continue to get worse as time goes on. Let's hope we don't see another flood like this any time soon.

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