Rob Perillo re-Tweeted a video that made my skin crawl and might have triggered a little PTSD: floating ant piles.

If you have never experienced a floating colony of fire ants, I hope you never do. If you ever do, I hope it's from a distance, because you'll be sorry if you get too close.

The ants are not on a piece of wood or anything like that: they are floating directly on the water. What are they holding on to, you ask? The answer: each other, but only until the floating pile of death comes into contact with something. Whether it be a tree, a stick, a car - once contact is made the ants yell "LAND HO!!" and they all abandon ship.

If they happen to hit your leg, or arm, or any other part of your body, within seconds you will be covered with these little biters, and you will be sorry (they are called fire ants for a reason).

I distinctly remember being at my aunt and uncle's property north of Duson during a flood. After the flood, we decided to go walk around in the pasture (the power was off, so we were hella bored).

Guess who finds the first floating colony of crawling habanero peppers? It was me. Before I could say calamine lotion, these little buggers had crawled up my thigh and into my shorts, ripping tiny bits of flesh off on their way up.

Believe me when I tell you that you want to avoid these things at all costs.

I have great memories of my time at my aunt and uncle's house, but this isn't one of them.

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