In what they call an 'ongoing effort to stay current,' the Diocese of Lafayette has announced it will no longer offer televised Mass via KATC beginning January 15.

The Diocese of Lafayette released the following press release regarding the decision on its website

In the Diocese of Lafayette’s ongoing effort to stay current with new communication technology and the growing possibilities afforded through social media, the last episode of the diocesan television program Catholics Today will be aired on KATC on Sunday, January 8 in its normally designated time slot immediately following the broadcast of 10:30 a.m. Mass. The Diocese of Lafayette is blessed to have enjoyed more than a 25 year partnership with KATC. We take this opportunity to thank the KATC team for their remarkable assistance. We are hopeful to continue to utilize their services in other ways as our new communication’s plan unfolds.

After January 8, neither the Mass nor the locally produced Catholics Today will air on KATC TV 3 but instead will be offered for direct viewing online at

This seems like a very strange move, in my opinion. I imagine that the majority of people who watch Mass on television do so because they are elderly, home bound, or otherwise incapacitated and cannot attend Mass. I suspect many of the people in the televised Mass audience may not be tech savvy and/or don't have access to computers or probably won't want to watch Mass on a computer or small screen.

EWTN will continue to air the Mass each day, including Sundays, filling the void created by this decision.

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