Even though we are all proud of our beautiful state, there are some major and minor differences between north Louisiana and south Louisiana. The folks at Only in Louisiana have pretty much nailed it below. See if you agree, and feel free to add in your own comments.

  • Landscape. Rolling hills in the north, swamps and bayous in the south.
  • Cuisine. Most of the food that Louisiana is famous for comes from the south. There's great food in north Louisiana too, but it has a more distinctive Texas influence.
  • Snow. More apt to get it in the north. And honestly, can anyone even remember the last time it snowed in south Louisiana?
  • Seasons. We pretty much wear shorts up until Thanksgiving in the south, but you have a better chance of winter, spring, and fall in the northern part of the state.
  • Sports. Not saying everyone in the north likes the Dallas Cowboys, but you have way more WHO DATS in south Louisiana
  • Weather. Not many hurricanes make their way to north Louisiana.
  • Accents. You know the difference. You're not going to catch anyone in Shreveport with a cajun accent, but they might have a Texas drawl.


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