A Vermillion County, Indiana deputy accidentally shot a high school senior during a vocational training class.

According to WFYI, the deputy's gun "accidentally discharged" while the students were taking part in a law enforcement vocational training class.

The story lists a 19-year law enforcement veteran, Deputy Tim DisPennett, as the deputy involved in the shooting.

Many people on social media are asking why DisPennett would even unholster a loaded weapon in a classroom - or even carry one in there in the first place.

The shooting took place at the South Vermillion High School campus in Clinton, Indiana, and WFYI is reporting that DisPennett has been placed on administrative leave.

The student was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, as the bullet reportedly just grazed the student, resulting in what he said felt like a stinging sensation.

Comments on social media varied from reminders of basic gun safety to insensitive jokes about the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting.

Maybe people who are not in law enforcement are not aware of the laws/regulations that officers of the law must follow while in uniform. Is there a regulation stating that an officer must be armed anytime he or she is on duty?

Gun and Bullets
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Others are questioning why there is a law enforcement training class in a high school.

The story clearly says that it was a vocational training class which, on the surface, appears innocuous - something of a career day of sorts, but it's not clear what the class consisted of.

While many people posted the simple, basic credo of responsible gun ownership (see the Tweet above), others pressed on, reminding people that the officer's actions were negligent.

The good news out of all of this is that the student was only grazed and will (physically) be ok.

The bad news? That officer has 19 years under his belt with the Vermillion County Sheriff's Department; could their training be less than stellar?

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