Why are people wanting to shoot up schools?

A man was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up schools in Louisiana and Mississippi.

According to the story, he was no stranger to authorities.

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KLFY TV10 is reporting that the man, from Arkansas, had made threats against two different high schools: one in Mississippi, and one in Louisiana.

The Vidalia Police Department was made aware of the threat so they, in turn, contacted the Adams County Sheriff's Department in Adams County, Mississippi.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The threats allegedly made by Kenneth Allen Moody were against schools located across the Mississippi River from each other: Natchez High School in Natchez, Mississippi, and Vidalia High School in Vidalia, Louisiana.

The Vidalia Police Department posted a synopsis of how the suspect made his threats: over the phone.

The suspect allegedly called the Vidalia Police Department to make the threat, saying he was planning a mass shooting at the two schools.

The Vidalia Police Department jumped into action right away, making contact with the Adams County authorities to make them aware of the threat, and then investigating the call.

Authorities were able to determine the call originated in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and identified Moody as the suspect.

Moody has been in trouble with the law in the past, having been convicted of making terroristic threats and aggravated assault, according to KLFY.

Adams County Sheriff's Office
Adams County Sheriff's Office

The suspect was identified, located, and arrested within a few hours of making the threats and, according to the story, is awaiting extradition from Arkansas to Louisiana for arraignment.

Moody has a criminal record in 3 separate states: Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida.

Kudos to law enforcement for taking the threats seriously and working so quickly to apprehend the suspect.

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