The past several days have seen an abundance of moisture being pushed across the area. We have had several episodes of rain, thunderstorms, and even severe weather in South Louisiana since Tuesday. This morning's weather issue isn't in the form of damaging winds or heavy rain, it's a lot more sedate.

A Dense Fog Advisory has been posted for Lafayette, St.Martin, Vermilion, and St. Mary Parishes and all you have to do if you live in one of those parishes is look outside your door or window. It is truly a lot foggy.

The National Weather Service usually issues a Dense Fog Advisory when visibilities in an area are reduced to a quarter of a mile or less. When that happens this can create issues on roadways for motorists. The advised area is the area shaded in gray in the above image.

When you do have to drive in fog it is suggested that you minimize your distractions, reduce your speed, and utilize your vehicle's low beam settings. If you have fog lights on your vehicle, that could improve your visibility as well.

Often times when driving in foggy conditions it's not so much that you have trouble seeing as it is that other motorists have difficulty seeing you. That's why the headlights and fog lights are so important.

One other thing to consider is this, motorists who travel in and around school zones and school bus pick up and drop off points should consider using extra caution as children could be present on or near the shoulders of the roadway.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles are suggesting the foggy conditions should begin to improve in the affected areas by mid-morning.

You know, driving in fog isn't the only issue we face while out on the roadways. See if any of these situations apply to you or those who are driving around you.

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