Motorists who will be making their way to work and school this morning across much of South Louisiana along and south of Interstate 10 will likely want to add a few more minutes cushion to complete the drive to their destination on time. The reason for the added wiggle room in the commute time is a Louisiana staple this time of year, that's right, "it's a lot foggy", that's how we say that down here.

The Dense Fog Advisory that was issued by the National Weather Service runs from Galveston Texas through Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and into the Greater New Orleans area. According to the NWS visibilities in the advised area could be reduced to a mile or less in many locales. The closer you are to the coast the more likely you'll see visibilities cut down even further.

The National Weather Service says the fog should burn off and not be a concern past mid-morning but that is when our next weather "guest" arrives. Forecasters say South Louisiana will begin to experience scattered showers and thundershowers by later this afternoon.

A better chance of rain and heavier showers and storms will come during the nighttime hours this evening. Forecasters have the probability of showers at about 40% for much of South Louisiana this afternoon. That probability increases to 60% by this evening and 70% or better for the daylight hours of Thursday.

Temperatures across the region should begin to fall by late in the day Thursday, which will be a precursor to a significant cold snap across the area for the weekend. Forecasters suggest that the high-temperature swing between this afternoon and Friday afternoon could be as much as 30 degrees cooler or more.

There will be a threat of freezing weather across much of the area as we move into the weekend. So, do keep that in mind as you make preparations to care for your plants, pets, and pipes. As temperatures will be near the freezing mark by Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

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