The National Weather Service forecast office in Lake Charles is again advising motorists along and south of I-10 from Beaumont Texas to New Orleans Louisiana but mindful of dense fog. A Dense Fog Advisory has been posted for that area of the Gulf South until mid-morning today.

Forecasters say locations within the advised area could see visibilities drop to a quarter of a mile or less. Motorists are encouraged to always use their low beam headlights in foggy conditions, even if it's not dark. The headlights are more so other motorists can notice you as opposed to actually helping you see.

The warm and humid conditions that are the catalyst for fog are expected to be in the area again tomorrow. So more fog advisories could be posted. Then, the changes start to move into the area.

Unlike last weekend forecasters with the Storm Prediction Center do not anticipate another round of severe weather moving across South Louisiana this weekend. There will be a good chance of showers and some thunderstorms but the intensity, when compared to last week's storms, should be less.

Temperatures should begin to cool following the passage of the storm system on Saturday. By Sunday morning forecast lows will be in the middle 40s. The high temperature on Sunday is expected to be 56 degrees or about 20 degrees cooler than what we will experience today.

Temperatures on Monday and Tuesday morning could be at or below the freezing mark. So if you have plants or outside interests that don't do well when exposed to the cold, you have been warned.

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